Read along with the transcript of a video in real time.

Highlight a particular part of a video to email to yourself or share.

Automatically generate a link to the exact moment in a video you want to share.

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Read While You Watch

With MultimediaSearch, your videos are also your documents. You can read a transcript as it scrolls along side your video. Clicking a line in the transcript will jump to the part of the video in which the line is spoken. But have you ever wanted to share a particular clip of a video? Now you can...

Highlighter Happy

We all know how a highlighter works; you're reading on paper when suddenly a few words or a sentence jumps off the page at you and you just have to mark it and save it for later. Imagine being able to highlight a line in an online video and then email it to yourself or others or share it on social media. MultimediaSearch brings the trusty highlighter into the twenty-first century.

Sharing Really Does Mean Caring

Imagine you're watching a video online and there's a part somewhere in the middle of the video that you want your friends or followers to see. But how to direct them to that exact moment in the video? You could tell them to jump to a certain point in time, or, with MultimediaSearch, you could highlight just the clip you want to share and a link will be automatically created that will take them to the exact moment your clip begins. Revolutionary, right?

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