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Sophisticated Salary Reporting Tools

MicroSearch creates custom data reporting applications for unions. Our reporting and district salary comparison tools make all aspects of salary analysis intuitive and powerful.

Salary Data Comprison Reports

The application automatically generates reports to compare data across user-specified metrics.  For the overall comparison, it shows dollar difference, percent difference, index ratio, and rank export.  It also allows customized career earnings comparisons as well as benchmark data comparisons.

Direct Data Input

Data can be input into the application via “copy and paste” from XLS files.  Previously submitted schedules can also be duplicated and modified. Data input allows cell-level control of days and hour information.

User Management

Clients can assign credentials to users at a variety of access levels. For example, administrators can assign additional users to the application and manage their access level, whether it is read-only or read-and-write capabilities.

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Kathleen Fredericks from the New York State United Teachers has been working with Microsearch during development. She says… 

“I have been involved in the testing of Microsearch’s prototype that will replace the NCA system. Working with Chase has been great! I appreciate the opportunity to help in the development of this new system, which will be critical to my work. NCA would get me most of what I needed but the new system has much more flexibility, it is easy to navigate and input new information, such as additional classifications and labels. I am particularly happy with the ESP reporting capabilities. For example, comparing ESP salaries by title, switching from hourly rates to annual, required NEA to generate the report. It is great to be able to create these reports on my own.”

Kathleen Fredericks, New York State United Teachers