Below are a few demos highlighting VideoSearch’s capabilities. (If you’d like a custom demo using your own video content, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Ivy League Videos
    We compiled all publicly-available videos from the 8 Ivy League schools, plus MIT, and then indexed their transcripts to make them fully searchable. Give it a try by inserting your own search term and pressing Search. You can read our blog about this demo here.

  • University Videos
    This new MultimediaSearch portal contains the metadata of the YouTube Channels of the world’s Top Universities. Viewing University Videos within the portal provides viewer-enhancements that will make these videos attract and keep more viewers. There are four main user-enhancement features to watch for:

    • Video transcript plays in sync with the playing video, enhancing the user experience
    • Video Search - enhanced and advanced search capabilities, plus hit to hit navigation
    • Video Clip and Share - instant and automatic sharing of important video clips
    • Video Transcript Navigation, allowing viewers to jump to any spot in the video