Teacher Associations

Microsearch is the leading provider of document and contract management solutions for Teacher associations across the nation. Our contract management systems have helped organizations like the Ohio Education Association (OEA) manage vast amounts of documents online.

When the OEA came to Microsearch, they needed a better way to manage their contracts and arbitrations online. After carefully analyzing their organization’s needs, Microsearch employed the use of our state-of-the-art document search engine to index all of OEA’s contracts, arbitrations, and briefs which were also all scanned and digitized at our document processing facility. Additionally, Microsearch performed contract analysis, arbitrator evaluations, and data gathering to further add value to the databases that we created for the OEA.

In order to efficiently manage and present the web-based databases that we had built, Microsearch developed an advanced web portal for all their research needs. This portal consisted of a central access point to the databases that we had created. By applying our stringent security standards, we are able to ensure that only those authorized by the OEA have access to our web-portal.

Additionally, since Microsearch is a full service provider, we handled everything from document scanning and digitization to indexing to web design and database hosting. As such, we can optimize our solutions to bring them to you at the lowest price possible. And, with the flexibility of our web-based technology, you can rest assured that all of our solutions are future-proof and easily updatable. In fact, our applications are so flexible, that each solution is completely customized to each organization’s needs. The flexibility of our software allows us to deliver the same customizability as an application built from the ground up for your organization, at a fraction of the time and cost.

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