From Analog to Digital. Online and Fully Searchable.

While the media on which your video was recorded may have gone out of date, that doesn’t mean the content of the video is no longer valuable. We provide video conversion–from analog to digital–and incorporated in your MultimediaSearch site, an online database and digital library. We can take it from gathering dust to fully indexed and searchable.

From Paper Documents to Full-Text Search

Even if many of your important documents are on paper, we can make them fully searchable. Our enhanced scanning and character recognition technology preserves the original look of the document, while embedding a layer of fully-searchable text beneath. Combined with our decades-long experience as providers of database services and hosting, your old documents and videos will live on.

Breathe New Life into Your Old Media

Your videos aren’t doing you any good sitting in storage. Move them to the cloud! As part of the full MultimediaSearch solution, we can convert your old videos in any format–reel, VHS, DVD, etc.–into digital files, complete with transcripts, and incorporated into your own online database.

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