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Online document and video management services with full text search.

Search the full text and metadata for all your videos and documents.

Jump to the exact moment in a video where your query appears.

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One Online Database for Documents and Videos.

Whether your content is videos, documents, or a mix of both, MultimediaSearch is the answer. MultimediaSearch is a fully searchable document management service paired with the industry's best video management service, combined. Browse your documents and videos in our industry-leading table of contents, or search full text and meta-data across your entire collection.

Full Text Search + Metadata = Everything

MultimediaSearch isn't just about full-text search, though that is a powerful tool. We also index metadata--information about the documents--that is also searchable. So, for example, you can find a document that contains a particular string of text and printed on a particular date. The only limit to the metadata we can index is the information you can provide us.

Search Your Way to Answers

Typically, the only way to navigate online videos is by clicking the timing bar at the bottom of a video player. But this is inefficient. With fully indexed searchable transcripts, users can search their way into a video and even skip to the content they're interested in by clicking the transcript.

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