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YouTube videos are better when they're not on YouTube.

Video Marketing - All your videos at home on your website.

Video SEO - Your video transcripts can enhance your site's SEO.

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Your Videos Can Get Lost on YouTube. It’s Time to Get Found.

Rather than hope YouTube users will find your videos on YouTube, drive traffic to your own website, where your videos are accompanied by transcripts that are fully searchable and where social media shares will direct new traffic to your site. MultimediaSearch provides video SEO and marketing.

Your Content, Your Website

If a person is searching for a video, they might enter a few keywords into Google search. If your YouTube video matches their search query, they will be taken to your page on YouTube. This is good, but how much better would it be to have them directed to your website where all of your videos are collected, and where they are presented without YouTube's distracting links. This the future of Video SEO.

Your videos are a valuable SEO tool

Chances are, your videos contain spoken words that, if indexed, would be a valuable search engine optimization tool for your website. But the problem is, if they're on YouTube, the words in your video are not indexed, making them completely opaque to search engines. MultimediaSearch indexes the words in your videos transcripts, and embeds them in your site so that they can be found by search engines like Google. Video marketing for the 21st century.

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